4 Things You Can Do For Better Health

better health

Earlier this month I challenged you (and myself) to do 4 things every day for better health. How is it going?

I have not been working much this summer, so I am at home with the boys most days. Every day is different and it’s a challenge to stick to some sort of routine and sense of structure. The idea of taking care of myself so I can take care of others seems even more important in the summer. But I am finding it very challenging to make better health a high priority.


Somehow, sleep has been coming easily lately (knock on wood). Most nights I’m getting 7 hours, sometimes 6. My kids are older, so night wakings rarely happen. I’ve been getting up early to write in my journal and have some quiet time before my kids wake up.  It’s actually hard to stay awake past 10:00 PM. I feel like I’m at least getting a good amount of sleep for better health.

Are you getting good sleep? Are you going to bed at a decent hour?


Unless the ice cubes in my 5 o’clock cocktail count, I’m sort of failing at this one. It’s summer! I need more water than usual! Most health experts will tell you that you need to drink the equivalent of 2 liters of water daily for better health. When I am really good about drinking water, I will start the day by drinking an 8oz glass before I even have my coffee. It seems to set me up for success throughout the day. But I have not been doing that. I do keep my water bottle full, I just keep forgetting to drink it.

Are you drinking your water? Any time for me on how to drink more during the day?


Summer mornings seem to go by so fast, don’t they? Most days I remember to eat breakfast, even if it’s just yogurt or a banana and some almonds. Some mornings I’ll have a smoothie if I’m already making one for the boys. Last week I made a big batch of my favorite green smoothie, and that helped me stay on track.

How is breakfast going for you? What are some of your quick breakfasts for better health?


Do we have to talk about this one? Ugh. I have been so bad about exercising lately! If I don’t do it first thing in the morning, it doesn’t happen. We get so busy, then it gets too hot and by dinner time I’m just too tired. I’ve snuck some exercise in here and there with the kids: swimming at the pool, walking at the park, walking on the beach, etc. But I feel like I should be doing more.

Are you getting exercise everyday? What are you doing? How are you moving you body in the summer heat?

Share how it’s going for you! Share any tips you have for getting more sleep, drinking more water, eating breakfast daily and moving your body! 


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